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  1. He was the strongest military and economic power in the region.
  2. The United States has lost its sense of balance as a economic power,
  3. We will see for the first time an eclipse of American economic power.
  4. We have neither the guns nor political and economic power to fight dictators,
  5. There's no winning the game without first becoming an economic power.
  6. It's difficult to find economic power in a sentence.
  7. This technological progress has created a new balance of economic power.
  8. In the Meiji Restoration period, military and economic power was emphasized.
  9. Today social status is measured by proximity to economic power.
  10. Why is the economic power of older adults not understood?
  11. Our best defense is our economic power, not defensive referendum.
  12. Russia is not an economic power, much less a superpower.
  13. In business relationships, dominance is often associated with economic power.
  14. The economic power of these noblemen was based on landholdings.
  15. Japan's presence as an economic power is barely perceptible now.
  16. Waigel summarized his prescriptions for the world's major economic powers,
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