economic power in a sentence

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  1. The United States has lost its sense of balance as an economic power,
  2. ECONOMIC POWER : Access to credit is critical to the empowerment of women.
  3. This has upset the reigning economic powers in Europe and America.
  4. What is very difficult is the extent which we can access economic power,
  5. Many black churches have become important economic powers in their neighborhoods.
  6. It's difficult to find economic power in a sentence.
  7. The success has changed the balance of economic power in performing arts centers.
  8. The Bosman Ruling opend the door for economic power in soccer.
  9. He determined to intervene and replace US with German economic power.
  10. THEN : Iran was at the height of its military and economic power.
  11. The economic power of Song China heavily influenced foreign economies abroad.
  12. Formula One has immense economic powers, it brings immense tourism revenues,
  13. Brown played in an era when players had little or no economic power.
  14. It also seeks more political and economic power for northern Uganda.
  15. Microsoft may also be facing legal challenges to its economic power in Asia.
  16. The economic power of Mexicans in the United States is huge in Mexico.
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