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  1. Chernomyrdin has implemented economic policy for almost three years of reform.
  2. Many hope she has more sound economic policies than her father.
  3. You will soon see the fruits of this new economic policy.
  4. Kirchner is a known critic of Menem and his economic policies.
  5. But they will still be denied a seat on economic policy.
  6. It's difficult to find economic policy in a sentence.
  7. International economic policy is too important to take place in private.
  8. The economy has turned upward, buoyed by prudent economic policies.
  9. In continental Europe, leaders are battling over fundamental economic policy.
  10. But however it comes out, how will economic policy fare?
  11. Shiokawa told an economic policy symposium in Osaka, western Japan.
  12. Card makes sure foreign, domestic and economic policies are coordinated.
  13. In early 1994, Cuba began to rethink its economic policies.
  14. In terms of economic policy, we did almost everything wrong.
  15. The EPA coordinates the Ministry of Finance's economic policies.
  16. Tobin focused on how economic policies affected people's lives.
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