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  1. And Ortega has pledged to follow market economic policies if elected.
  2. Few Germans give Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder high marks for economic policy.
  3. Quebec is already largely free to adopt its own economic policies.
  4. It has a very strong record of sound economic policy management,
  5. We have confidence in the underlying soundness of Mexican economic policies,
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  7. The government must now turn to more serious economic policy problems,
  8. The question is whether he can be an economic policy president.
  9. Brazil has the right economic policies in place to maintain stability.
  10. Deputy Finance Minister Oleg Vyugin told a conference on economic policy.
  11. He was economic policy director for the Clinton campaign in 1992.
  12. It was the biggest protest in months against government economic policies.
  13. Gurria said these are building our economic policy for the future.
  14. This is the biggest economic policy change since the Great Depression.
  15. He then attempted to interfere with economic policies of the country.
  16. The government will present its next economic policy bill in April.
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