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  1. This election has offered a very polarized prospect for economic policy,
  2. Mahathir fired Anwar in 1998 following a dispute over economic policy.
  3. The GOP was the party of prosperity and sound economic policies.
  4. Economic policy increasingly involves complex issues that cut across federal agencies.
  5. But any contentiousness over economic policy or leadership races never surfaced.
  6. It's difficult to find economic policy in a sentence.
  7. Some 79 percent cited unclear economic policies as their main concern.
  8. They can pursue aggressive nationalistic policies and pursue ruinous economic policy.
  9. More than half of them singled out economic policy for criticism.
  10. We are not sure yet which economic policies he will adopt.
  11. Singapore has made trade agreements a cornerstone of its economic policy.
  12. At the center of economic policy inevitably is the Treasury Department.
  13. The government says updated census results will aid economic policy planning.
  14. Takenaka has promised an economic policy package for later this month.
  15. It also discussed the criticisms made towards the New Economic Policy.
  16. The economic policy of Mexico is not decided by him alone.
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