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  1. It's been like that all along on economic policy.
  2. We have confidence in the underlying soundness of Mexican economic policies,
  3. Many Sandinistas despise Lacayo's free-market economic policies.
  4. It was the biggest protest in months against government economic policies.
  5. Deputy Finance Minister Oleg Vyugin told a conference on economic policy.
  6. It's difficult to find economic policies in a sentence.
  7. De Venecia has said he would continue Ramos'economic policies.
  8. But any contentiousness over economic policy or leadership races never surfaced.
  9. Attacking the government's economic policy is nothing but suicidal.
  10. Gurria said these are building our economic policy for the future.
  11. It also discussed the criticisms made towards the New Economic Policy.
  12. More than half of them singled out economic policy for criticism.
  13. Gene Sperling, White House economic policy adviser, said Monday.
  14. Card makes sure foreign, domestic and economic policies are coordinated.
  15. Many hope she has more sound economic policies than her father.
  16. Some 79 percent cited unclear economic policies as their main concern.
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