drag away meaning

  "drag away" in a sentence
  • drag sb away informal to make someone stop doing something, when they are so interested in doing it that they do not want to stop:
    Donny loves watching the animals at the zoo - we have to drag him away when it's time to leave.
    nothing can drag sb away from sth
    On Sunday afternoons, nothing can drag Jim away from sports programmes on TV.
    SIMILAR TO: tear away


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  1. The police drag away Lee and torture him.
  2. The cabinet containing this mixture of equipment was apparently too big for thieves to drag away.
  3. She is with a young clergyman, Mr . Morton, whom Mrs . Bowen drags away.
  4. However, they were unable to drag away the guns because the horse teams had been killed.
  5. While the campers search for Steve, Pumpkinhead drags away Maggie, and Harley experiences her murder.

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