double vision in a sentence

"double vision" meaning  "double vision" in Chinese  
  1. Blessed with double vision, he had a 10-man offensive line.
  2. Double vision has prevented him from resuming his football career.
  3. His status for the playoffs is uncertain because he is still experiencing double vision.
  4. He still has double vision from his last football game.
  5. I got double vision and had to come out.
  6. It's difficult to find double vision in a sentence.
  7. He experiences double vision and starts to wear glasses.
  8. Side effects included dizziness, headache, double vision and unsteadiness.
  9. The right half of his face was paralyzed, causing double vision in his right eye.
  10. No headaches, ringing ears, seizures, double vision or numbness.
  11. Though Wilkens did not completely rule his availability out, Henderson is suffering from double vision.
  12. The sitcom is produced by Double Vision Sdn Bhd.
  13. Jess Oppenheimer had double vision as a child, which caused all sorts of social problems.
  14. But mostly, focus on something Thomas is working to rid himself of _ double vision.
  15. Some patients lose vision, others develop halos or double vision that can affect nighttime vision.
  16. Taking substantial numbers of punches to the head will even result in simulated double vision.
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