double vision in a sentence

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  1. As such, double vision is sometimes a complaint of these patients.
  2. Scrogum struggled with his balance early on and still suffers from double vision.
  3. Then, on July 4, 1995, he woke up with double vision.
  4. He still has double vision, and the muscle swelling looks good.
  5. In some cases, patients have had progressive diplopia, or double vision.
  6. It's difficult to find double vision in a sentence.
  7. Which is why " Double Vision " _ though enjoyable _ proves disappointing.
  8. Double vision has become one of the curses of the'90s.
  9. "Double Vision : Tom Wright Photographs " runs through Oct . 31 at the
  10. There is still a lot of swelling and double vision,
  11. Kaiser's artistic goals may be blurred by his double vision for the Kennedy Center.
  12. The double vision of life in America touches down elsewhere.
  13. She also experienced double vision, and a blood test showed abnormalities with her liver.
  14. His lingering double vision required Yates to seek another replacement driver, this one Jarrett.
  15. He has no blurriness or double vision and was cleared by doctors to play.
  16. When doctors pry the eye open, Williams has double vision.
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