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  1. They propagate at and involve vertical displacements of the pycnocline through.
  2. Total displacement was, with a bore and stroke of x.
  3. Its large displacement made it competitive with six-cylinder rivals.
  4. It is similar in displacement to a World War I battleship.
  5. There is a further recurring theme in her work : displacement.
  6. It's difficult to find displacement in a sentence.
  7. Semi-displacement hulls are usually intermediate between these two extremes.
  8. vehicle classification regulations due to the engine displacement exceeding two litres.
  9. Y and Z also support a six-bit positive displacement.
  10. The time derivative of the displacement vector is the velocity vector.
  11. Independent archaeological evidence supports the massive destruction and displacement of people.
  12. It was approximately 118 feet long and 160 tonnes in displacement.
  13. Angular velocity is the change in angular displacement per unit time.
  14. The displacement grew to at standard load and at deep load.
  15. Displacement rolls make full use of this assistance provided by gravity.
  16. Thus they are useful for conjugate additions and some displacement reactions.
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