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  1. We have the same overall length, displacement and sail plan.
  2. There's a queer, powerful displacement in the image.
  3. The range of workfare jobs _ and displacement _ is vast.
  4. People are squeezing, and we are already seeing secondary displacement.
  5. Those arriving now in Camacupa are accustomed to war and displacement.
  6. It's difficult to find displacement in a sentence.
  7. For some, the services have eased the trauma of displacement.
  8. A second barrier is a customs duty based on engine displacement.
  9. Displacement was 7.1 liters ( 431 cubic inches ).
  10. If that continues, there may not be too much displacement.
  11. The vehicles would have engines with displacements of 1000cc and 1300cc.
  12. The agency called it the worst wave of displacement this year.
  13. Displacement, he has decided, is good for the imagination.
  14. _massive displacement of populations in the worst-affected areas;
  15. The wars have been very destructive and caused huge human displacement,
  16. There has been a lot of forced displacement and voluntary displacement.
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