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  1. AHA carried out community education programmes in partnership with UNHCR, UNICEF, WFP, the British Embassy, and Save the Children UK . The programmes included HIV / AIDS awareness, microcredit education, pre-school activities, and assistance with displaced women.
  2. "That war left 70, 000 displaced women, mostly widows, and here we can see the admirable results of their inspiring effort of creativity, to help their children and themselves, " said Segolene Royal, France's minister of education.
  3. After 21 years of working for Catholic Charities, Sr . Marilyn Lacey started Mercy Beyond Borders in 2008; its mission is to partner with displaced women and children overseas in ways that help them move up from extreme poverty.
  4. "Women and girls are being attacked, not only to dehumanize the women themselves but also to humiliate, punish, control, inflict fear and displace women and to persecute the community to which they belong, " the London-based rights group says.
  5. UNICEF has provided medical kits, sleeping mats and educational material to displaced women and children in rebel zones and in Abidjan, where thousands of people were left homeless after paramilitary police torched shantytowns, saying they were shelters for rebels.
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  7. Through research and fact-finding field missions, the organization identifies critical problems that affect displaced women, children and young people, including gaps in lifesaving reproductive health care, lack of dignified livelihoods for refugees and, in the U . S ., the treatment of asylum-seekers.
  8. One champion of the practice estimates that in all, in the space of less than a month, 4, 000 or more displaced women may have had their genitals cut by women known here as Soweis, all in preparation for the return to their rural homes.
  9. Since becoming the director of the commission in 1994, the organization, which is dedicated to aiding refugee and internally displaced woman and children, grew from a staff of four with a $ 450, 000 annual budget to a staff of 20 with a budget of $ 4 million.
  10. The complex provides the process of shaping oneself to the values of society and the creation of a community in which each person-be it the orphan, the senior citizen, the disabled, the dejected and displaced women-contributes and takes away from, in order to grow into a well-adjusted being.
  11. Additionally, Oxfam has provided relief services during various global crises, including the Israeli Palestinian conflict, North Korean famine, 2011 East Africa drought, 2012 Sahel drought, NGO was also founded in May 1995 by women participating in an Oxfam GB psycho-social'radionice'project to support internally displaced women during the Bosnian war.
  12. She chaired its refugee committee from 1938 to 1948, helping displaced women physicians from Europe to settle and establish practices in the U . S . She was president of the AMWA New Jersey branch and was named by the branch as Medical Woman of the Year in 1956.
  13. After several disagreements on how to organize the fundraising money, GI-Net, in collaboration with the African Union, funded the Africa Humanitarian Action to support patrols that would protect displaced women, who put themselves at risk of rape when they left the internally displaced persons camps to collect firewood in order to prepare food.
  14. In internally displaced persons camps in northern Uganda, where 1.4 million civilians have been displaced by conflict between Ugandan government forces and the militant Lord's Resistance Army, Human Rights Watch reported in 2005 that displaced women and girls were engaging in survival sex with other camp residents, local defense personnel, and Ugandan government soldiers.
  15. In 1993-4 the international relief and development agency Oxfam GB had, among other projects ( including support to disabled people and their organisations, psycho social interventions and relief distributions ), started a knitting corners project in collective centres to provide displaced women with occupation and an opportunity to gather together in solidarity and support of each other.
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