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  1. Some 15 additional Arleigh Burke destroyers are planned, he said.
  2. Chloroflourocarbons contain chlorine, one of the major destroyers of ozone.
  3. A torpedo destroyer and a minesweeper are part of the fleet.
  4. The Navy destroyer USS Russell was en route to the site.
  5. The destroyer was on a routine refueling stop in Aden harbor.
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  7. Kevin Sweeney, who took charge of the destroyer last year.
  8. "You can't destroy a destroyer,"
  9. But with the monsoon rains, the river becomes a destroyer.
  10. They see that as the destroyer of their life and family.
  11. The Americans had four of the new cruisers and eight destroyers.
  12. As a result, casualties on destroyers were among the highest.
  13. The V-Rod Destroyer is not a street legal motorcycle.
  14. There she was escorted by Royal Navy destroyer and visited by.
  15. Sambara is foretold that the reborn Kama would be his destroyer.
  16. The two cruisers evaded the nine torpedoes launched by the destroyer.
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