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  1. They reminded me of a destroyer squadron drawn up for battle.
  2. Others were accused of bombing the destroyer Cole, killing 17.
  3. The Navy passed, saying it needed destroyers and battleships instead.
  4. The U . S . Navy is participating with several destroyers.
  5. They arrived in Plymouth on Thursday aboard a Royal Navy destroyer.
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  7. Mohtaj said the navy designed the destroyer and will build them.
  8. His favorite film is " Conan the Destroyer ."
  9. Britain also as a destroyer and a frigate in the Gulf.
  10. The answer was found in the sinking of the Russian destroyer.
  11. Submarines and destroyers patrol the coastline; spy planes prowl overhead.
  12. A large tarp covered the hole located amidship of the destroyer.
  13. The destroyer will go into dry dock for repairs next month.
  14. Kirk S . Lippold, and perhaps others aboard the destroyer.
  15. Taiwan has requested four destroyers equipped with the Aegis radar system.
  16. The Pentagon ordered three Navy destroyers to stay near the island.
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