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  1. A third class of destroyer leaders was designed after observing the performance of propulsion and weapons systems tested aboard the " Mitscher " class.
  2. Originally called a " destroyer leader " or frigate, in 1975 she was re-designated a cruiser in the Navy's 1975 ship reclassification.
  3. The destroyer leader was hit in the boiler room by a three-inch shell that may have been fired by " Knyaz Suvorov ".
  4. Glory thus snatched, " Lawrence " remained at sea for 80 days, steaming in circles with the nuclear carrier Destroyer Leader ( DLG ).
  5. From 28 January to 10 February, " Agerholm " served as escort for the destroyer leader in the positive identification radar advisory zone ( PIRAZ ).
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  7. Of the H-class destroyers, " Hardy " was built as a destroyer leader and thus had an additional 4.7-inch gun.
  8. After operating with a fast carrier task group almost continuously well into the spring, the destroyer leader departed WestPac on 12 May and reached Long Beach on the 27th.
  9. The treaty also defined two categories : destroyer and destroyer leader; along with the maximum tonnage of each category, and the allowable ratio of one category to another.
  10. Shortly after Jutland, " Active " again became a destroyer leader and escorted the main body of the Grand Fleet during the Action of 19 August 1916.
  11. The U . S . Navy's guided-missile cruisers were built upon destroyer-style hulls ( some called " destroyer leaders " or " Tomahawk cruise missiles.
  12. Augusto Riboty of " Varese " was the namesake of an Italian destroyer leader launched in 1916 ( and which survived both world wars, finally being scrapped in 1951 ).
  13. U . S . Navy aircraft bomb and strafe French ships, helping to sink or wreck the light cruiser " Primauguet ", a destroyer leader, and two destroyers.
  14. "' HMS " Sparrowhawk " "'was an built in 1912 and sunk in 1916 at the Battle of Jutland after a collision with the destroyer leader.
  15. Following the war, "'destroyer leader ( DL ) "'was a hull classification symbol used by the U . S . Navy from the 1950s until 1975.
  16. "Reeves " began her history as a " Leahy "-class destroyer leader ( DLG-24 ) when her keel was laid down on 1 July 1960.
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