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  1. Ministers Charles Joseph Ignace Marie Welter and Maximilien Paul L閛n Steenberghe ( both RKSP ) resigned in July 1941, even though the government was demissionary, because of a conflict with Prime Minister Gerbrandy.
  2. Between the dissolution of the States-General before general elections and the appointment of a new Cabinet, the incumbent Cabinet is termed " Demissionary cabinet / demissionair ", that is, a caretaker government limiting itself to urgent and pressing matters and traditionally not taking any controversial decisions.
  3. To be eligible to be elected it is necessary to be of Dutch nationality, to be over eighteen in age and not to have been excluded from the right to vote ( Article 56 ); there are also certain incompatibilities of function ( Article 57 ), the most important of which is that a minister not belonging to a demissionary cabinet cannot be a member of the States General, a stark contrast with the situation in Letters of Credence of new members, in this case a written affirmation by the central voting office that they have indeed obtained the necessary number of votes.
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