demising in a sentence

"demising" in Chinese  
  1. growth of a legend like the demise of anyone who might contradict
  2. But that does not guarantee Hingis'demise at Flushing Meadows.
  3. But no one is surprised by the theater's demise.
  4. The people who loved North Beach began to anticipate its demise.
  5. What does Paul Gigot think of Newt Gingrich's demise?
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  7. But each day he sees patients who resist an early demise.
  8. But GWU assisted its own demise, with poor shot selection.
  9. Before its demise, Imperial was known as an industry innovator.
  10. In the end, the beginning proved the Bruins'demise.
  11. All were reabsorbed into South Africa upon apartheid's demise.
  12. The quick demise of Baker-Finch might be the extreme.
  13. I have no desire to see the demise of the party.
  14. The demise of the traditional campus hasn't gone unlamented.
  15. Recurring reports of Plymouth's demise have proved wildly exaggerated.
  16. A conservative judiciary has hastened the demise of many desegregation plans.
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