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  1. Currently the hardest one rated is number 1 in C, with its tricky ornaments and the climax at the end when both hands move across the keys in douuble notes demisemiquavers.
  2. A fury of violin demisemiquavers, sharp dotted rhythms in the basses and violent interjections from the trumpets and timpani propel the music dissonantly through an increasingly complex texture until the tempo marking doubles to  Allegro.
  3. In the sixth bar a demisemiquaver motif is introduced that is developed later in the duet in a highly original way; it also serves as a means of modulation after which the parts interchange their roles.
  4. Because there is ambiguity as to whether an unmeasured tremolo or regular repeated demisemiquavers ( thirty-second notes ) should be played, the word " tremolo " or the abbreviation " trem . ", is sometimes added.
  5. The piece is technically demanding, requiring digital velocity and dexterity, as well as stamina : lasting on average four and a half minutes, its 23 pages contains long passages of perpetual triplet-32nd notes ( triplet demisemiquavers ) for the right hand.

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