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  • 输出管道
  • 输送管线
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  1. The physical experiments and theoretical analysis indicate that rush pressure caused by current rush to interception air - mass in delivery pipeline system has much to do with the content of air - mass . the maximum rush pressure occurs not under the condition - much lower or much higher content of air - mass , but when the initiate volume of interception air - mass makes up 1 ~ 2 % of total pipeline volume , maximum current rush to interception air - mass pressure happens
    试验研究表明,输水管道系统水流冲击气团(囊)造成的冲击压力与气团(囊)的含量有密切关系,截留气团含量太多或太少所产生的冲击压力都不是最大,当截留气团在一个大气压下的初始体积占管道总体积在1 2左右,水流冲击气团压力最大。

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