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  1. The deletion of that paragraph served to make that letter accurate,
  2. Howard said of the deletion of " mateship ."
  3. The tests looked for a genetic trait called chromosome 17 deletion.
  4. Government lawyers have blamed slow communications for the deletion of records.
  5. Mail is retrieved and marked for deletion by message-number.
  6. It's difficult to find deletion in a sentence.
  7. Only users with oversight have the capability to perform such deletions.
  8. I am a little confused about the deletion policy of Wikipedia.
  9. :: For a reference in Wikipedia : Redirects for deletion.
  10. Miscellany for deletion ( MfD ) handles these miscellany deletion matters.
  11. Miscellany for deletion ( MfD ) handles these miscellany deletion matters.
  12. *These form an importance reference library for Wikipedia on deletion.
  13. I do understand your point and agree that deletion is appropriate.
  14. Party designation in early United States Congresses was proposed for deletion.
  15. List of people by reported SAT score was proposed for deletion.
  16. I mean nay on the vanity; yay on the deletion.
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