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  1. Parish officials reported her to the data protection authorities, she said.
  2. This idea informs a recent European Union directive on data protection.
  3. Sweden has 2, 000 data protection officers, for instance, he said.
  4. The Proposed Data Protection Regulation is written broadly and this has caused concern.
  5. The move must be approved by Greece's independent Data Protection Authority.
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  7. The main office of the law is the Data Protection Tribunal.
  8. Swiss data protection law will have to be altered before it goes ahead.
  9. His research concerns international law, public authority, and data protection.
  10. It is therefore personal data within the meaning of the Data Protection Act 1998.
  11. On Thursday, the Data Protection Ombudsman's Office said it will study the FSA's reply.
  12. He is a Member of the Belgian Data Protection Authority.
  13. People are able to request their information from the database under data protection laws.
  14. In mid 2014 a data protection issue was flagged and public access was disabled.
  15. There are significant differences between the EU data protection and US data privacy laws.
  16. Data protection is formed using Reed Solomon error correction coding.
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