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  1. "I think people's need for anonymity is just about to explode in a world where it's incredibly easy to develop data profiles on everybody who uses the Net, " he said.
  2. Launched in July 2007, dn : Director provided an end-to-end data quality tool kit encompassing, data profiling, auditing, cleansing and matching through a single graphical user interface and all written in Java.
  3. What this means in practice is that rather than displaying the same set of pages to every visitor, a Web site would present different information to each customer based on the person's data profile.
  4. Data profiling of a source during data analysis can identify the data conditions that must be managed by transform rules specifications, leading to an amendment of validation rules explicitly and implicitly implemented in the ETL process.
  5. A remaining challenge for such solution vendors is to fully convince enterprise clients that the customer data profile ( often comprising up to 1000 source or derived attributes ) involved in the decision making and targeting processes is fully secure.
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