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  1. Primark intends to integrate its existing data products with those of Baseline to provide a broader service to portfolio managers.
  2. The two early leaders in this last strategy were both start-up companies : Columbia Data Products and Compaq.
  3. Data products are available with the missing data optionally filled in using other Landsat 7 data selected by the user.
  4. GCOS and its partners are developing ways of improving the generation and supply of data products relating to the ECVs.
  5. Funding was made available for training, data products, postage and staff to ensure the success of the Program.
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  7. Templates can be designed to meet the requirements of a specific data product ( weather observations, for instance ).
  8. The data product covers the Arctic, Atlantic and Indian Oceans, data density being the highest in the Atlantic.
  9. The higher level data products generated by the POC s are subsequently transferred to ISSDC archives for storage and dissemination.
  10. The company develops and sells a suite of smart data products for Data Management, Data Discovery and Enterprise Analytics.
  11. The department has a downloadable information sheet'Overview of native vegetation spatial datasets'explaining the EVC spatial data products.
  12. He worked in a project in Los Angeles, with a company called Border Stylo, as VP of Data Products.
  13. The data product is the new data item ( the product of the operation performed on the old data items ).
  14. It means only that AT & AMP; T certifies NetManage's applications for use with its own cellular data products.
  15. In 1996 the Lit-Ning and Hunt Data Products units generated sales of $ 121.4 million, he said.
  16. Overall, how much bureaucratic red tape did you experience in obtaining information services or data products from the National Weather Service?
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