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  1. The voice and mobile data products and services are part of the Mosaic product portfolio.
  2. Such templates can then be used to standardize the content and structure of BUFR data products.
  3. The data products and related services are offered to different user agencies within and outside Pakistan.
  4. Besides T & M equipment rental business, Electro Rent also provides data product rental service.
  5. ISS-RapidScat was declared fully operational and its data products properly calibrated on 10 November.
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  7. The growing body of data from the Pacific Ocean will be included in the next data product.
  8. TML system description fields include descriptions of the physical system, the data system and the data product.
  9. Sustained by the disk drive business and Informatics, Data Products began development of their first line printer.
  10. Those were provided by Ibbotson Associates, a Chicago-based investment consulting, software and data products firm.
  11. Bitro will now promote the use of advanced technology to offer traditional voice and data products at competitive prices.
  12. In 1975, Nadar then with DCM Data Products, walked out with five colleagues to set up Microcomp.
  13. The PERSIANN satellite precipitation data sets have been validated with ground-based observations and other satellite data products.
  14. NCAR develops data products and services that address the future challenges of data growth, preservation, and management.
  15. As you can see, the app that I wrote to do this work is not the data product.
  16. Jazz data products give the customers access to 3G mobile broadband services, ranging from daily to monthly plans.
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