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  1. In despair, the data processor commits suicide.
  2. The 47 graduates are supporting their children, working as bank tellers, office managers, data processors and administrative assistants.
  3. Maxwell, a real estate consultant, and his wife, Shirley, a data processor, have four daughters, ages 8 to 30.
  4. One data processor, Ms . Garson reports was asked by a supervisor if she had a problem at home.
  5. He was assigned to the United States Military Academy at West Point where he worked as a data processor.
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  7. The phone's data processor is an Austin-designed Intel StrongArm chip, and its memory is comprised of Intel flash memory chips.
  8. It then designed a computer, originally called the Business Data Processor ( BDP ) and soon renamed the System Ten.
  9. Before the bombing, he worked as a data processor in Nairobi while his schoolteacher wife stayed in their home village.
  10. There is another entrance, one used by the secretaries, accountants, data processors and other employees who keep the Lottery humming.
  11. Government's data processors haven't been getting nearly the resources they need going all the way back to the Reagan administration.
  12. The data block and the TPS information are multiplexed, and pass through the data processor to form the body structure.
  13. "I'd prefer to support my community school, " said Ms . Wilson, a data processor for the state Department of Health.
  14. Longfield designed the system with a secure data processor so that tax, credit and loan information and money-transfer authorizations remain private.
  15. I started school again there and Fred got me a job working for the state licensing bureau as a data processor,
  16. These are not office support workers or data processors, but traders making a physical " outcry " on the exchange floor.
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