d score in a sentence

"d score" in Chinese  
  1. "I thought I'd score, even though I'd been hobbling,"
  2. I always thought I d score in the Cup.
  3. "I had played a lot better than I'd scored.
  4. Russell would run upcourt, Cooz would hit him with a bullet, and we'd score ."
  5. "I thought we'd score and get a field goal.
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  7. The Mariners had lost nine consecutive games in which they'd scored three or fewer runs.
  8. We thought we'd score on the rush with razzle-dazzle.
  9. He'd score 60 or 70 points on him ."
  10. In the five games, they'd scored only 13 runs.
  11. Surely, he'd score a few fantasy points, right?
  12. "Because we thought we'd score, " reasoned Johnson.
  13. It's only natural you'd score with those guys.
  14. Jayasuriya, who'd scored centuries in the previous two matches, won the toss and elected to bat.
  15. He'd scored 669 runs going into the final.
  16. It was particularly exciting for Shanahan because he'd scored just three goals in the last 27 games.
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