d score in a sentence

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  1. Entering this season, he'd scored 37 goals in 227 career games.
  2. There was an overall worsening of K-D scores in fighters with head trauma.
  3. He'd scored 39 points in Game 6 in Toronto Friday night.
  4. K-D scores correlated with SAC scores for players with concussive injury.
  5. We'd score a touchdown and two field goals and still end up losing.
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  7. That's three more than he'd scored in the entire playoffs.
  8. Cleveland Indians manager Charlie Manuel said, " I thought we'd score runs against him.
  9. "If we'd scored earlier it may have been easier ."
  10. We came into this game knowing we'd score some points.
  11. "I was hoping we'd score and our defense would hold.
  12. We were 2 0 up and I'd scored both goals.
  13. It would be another 14 innings before they'd score again.
  14. We didn't know when, but we knew we'd score ."
  15. "If we'd scored earlier it may have been easier.
  16. I played well, if only I'd scored again ."
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