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  1. With the arrival of the new DP railmotors and the V class 0-6-0DM diesel shunters ( mechanically similar to the D S class ), these locomotives were progressively withdrawn from 1951 when DS 2 was withdrawn.
  2. Based on one observation / solution, the satellite has an orbital period of hours and measures about 27 % of Roddy's diameter, which is slightly less than 2 kilometers ( D s / D p ratio of ).
  3. For M equal to the mass of the Sun, d L = 4000 parsecs, and d S = 8000 parsecs ( typical for a Bulge microlensing event ), the Einstein radius is 0.001 arcseconds ( 1 milliarcsecond ).
  4. He is also a recipient of Vishwa Hindi Samman, National Science Communication Award, FICCI Health Care Personality of the Year Award, Dr D S Mungekar National IMA Award, the Rajiv Gandhi Excellence Award, and the Indira Gandhi Priyadarshini Award.
  5. He joined a night school and one day in a function held at the school he delivered a welcome speech and sang a patriotic song in Hindi where education minister Khapriso Krong and Lohit Deputy Commissioner D S Negi were present.
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