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  1. It depends on the lens mass M, the distance of the lens d L, and the distance of the source d S:
  2. Mr . D S Brar, the former CEO of Ranbaxy Laboratories joined GVK Biosciences as its promoter Chairman in the year 2006.
  3. The open section was initially leased by Mr D S Vernon but in 1934 he transferred it to the Chichester Yacht Company.
  4. Diesel engines were the 1.9 L DI-D with, introduced in 2002, and the 1.9 L DI-D S version with, released in 2003.
  5. D S Malik's six books and 45 academic papers contain no semblance of significance, which I'm sure he'd be appalled to hear.
  6. It's difficult to find d s in a sentence.
  7. "' D S 213 "'( TMS DS 134 ) was purchased in 1982 by PPCS to work at the Islington freezing works.
  8. Some of them have been bizarre, including many thi " W this n fn, walk n, tme . tsidlueted ds s ` Thd.
  9. Mathematicians influenced by Ramanan include N Mohan Kumar, Shrawan Kumar, D S Nagaraj, Kapil H Paranjape, Jaya Iyer, Annamalai Ramanathan and several others.
  10. The silicon detector provided excellent vertex resolution, allowing precise measurements of D 0, D +, D s and ? lifetimes and D mixing.
  11. "' D S 201 "'( TMS DS 36 ) was sold to the Alliance Company to work at their Lorneville freezing works in 1982.
  12. "' D S 215 "'( TMS DS 157 ) was purchased by PPCS in 1982 to become a spare parts source for DS 134.
  13. It is located about 25 km south east of Batticaloa and located in Kaluwanchikudy-Manmunai South D S at about 5 Km north of town Kaluwanchikudy.
  14. "' D S 207 "'( TMS DS 94 ) was sold to the Railway Enthusiasts Society to work on their Glenbrook Vintage Railway in 1984.
  15. These locomotives were the last of the D S class to enter service in 1955, with the last being D S 204 in June 1955.
  16. Body of Major Amit was brought to Delhi on Friday morning, where army chief, General D S Suhag also paid homage to the deceased soldier.
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