cover include meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "cover include" in a sentence
  • 了解逮捕
  • cover:    vt. 1.覆盖,遮蔽,包裹;戴帽子 ...
  • include:    vt. (opp. exclude) ...
  • include…in:    把…列在…里面
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  1. The area covered includes sheung wan , sai ying pun , kennedy town and a proposed reclamation off kennedy town
  2. Market sectors that we cover include telecommunication , power , data communication , audio , broadcasting and educational
  3. Cities that have been covered include toronto , vancouver , edmonton , calgary , saskatoon , winnipeg , ottawa and montreal
  4. Mumu soft protective covers includes many series with fashionable design and various colors to meet your requirements
  5. Topics covered include hydrostatics , transverse stability , and the incorporation of the design spiral into one ' s working methods

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