cover in meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "cover in" in a sentence   "cover in" meaning
  • 封盖
  • 用泥土填
  • 遮盖住
  • cover:    vt. 1.覆盖,遮蔽,包裹;戴帽子 ...
  • cover for:    代替; 负责或承担(他人的义务或工作 ...
  • cover with:    用...覆盖
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  1. Snowdon and the mountains beyond were covered in snow .
  2. Your coat needs brushing down . it is covered in dust .
  3. No small territory to cover in a two-hour question period !
  4. The backs of his huge hands were covered in thick black hair .
  5. The great plain was covered in scrub and small lifeless trees .

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