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  1. Williams carried only six of the 29 counties in the region.
  2. Karen Nakamura is a Marin County, Calif ., journalist.
  3. In Niagara County, Fulani received 24 percent of the vote.
  4. Stephen J . Sabbeth, the county Democratic chairman, said.
  5. When I was county chairman, look at my executive area,
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  7. And Mondello says he has every intention of remaining county chairman.
  8. County health departments have specifics on when vaccines will be available.
  9. A judge in Kankakee County Court then ordered a new trial.
  10. Rural counties had the highest numbers of reported abuse and neglect.
  11. The article also misstated the location of Portage County, Ohio.
  12. Johnson was in critical but stable condition at Kings County Hospital.
  13. Gov . Pete Wilson has declared the county a disaster area.
  14. Harris County, Texas, $ 100 million of debt securities.
  15. That program is already being used in some New York counties.
  16. Ferguson is being held in the Nassau County jail pending trail.
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