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  1. That would have been consistent with the Jets'history in big games, but they did not cough it up this time.
  2. Kraab returns in " Cough It Up ", when Psyphon hires bounty hunters to find him a very precious item.
  3. When we did, they did a great job of making us cough it up, so they could spot up for jumpers.
  4. A defense, however, can be unfairly challenged if its offense coughs it up, which touches upon a sore spot with Harvard.
  5. We have to say : ` Cough it up or suffer the consequences .'It could lead to a very difficult situation ."
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  7. "If you want a pro team, you've got to cough it up, " said season-ticket holder Carl St . Julien, shrugging his shoulders.
  8. In Cough it up He is recruited by Psyphon to carry out another evil plan, but is defeated by Ben, Rook and Spanner.
  9. If one of your guys catches the ball, they try to knock the daylights out of him to make him cough it up.
  10. But we got in there pretty hard on the forecheck, forced them to cough it up, and Todd made a great play on it.
  11. Then in " Cough it up ", the returns along with his brothers Six Six and Eight Eight to help Psyphon with another evil plan.
  12. In " Cough it up " Together with his brothers were recruited by Psyphon to attack again, but they are defeated by Ben, Rook and Spanner.
  13. Duncan's image is Spurfect for San Antonio and the NBA . Opponents probably wouldn't pay to see him play, but they would certainly cough it up to avoid playing against him.
  14. Howards Alias had said that they were working on the unrecorded Thinkpol song " Cough It Up " for their fourth album " [ ep . i . phan . ic ] " but it never materialised.
  15. The Falcons were reminded Sunday that winning is a lot easier when you rush 37 times for season-high 216 yards and two scores, and when you don't turn the ball over once and your opponent coughs it up four times.
  16. Smith is 10th on the team in tackles _ the linebackers and defensive backs rank 1-6 in that department _ and has forced the only fumble, making Cincinnati's Jeff Blake cough it up in a 38-20 Denver win Sept . 20.
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