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  1. Riley, who left the SEC in 1995 as deputy chief accountant for the agency's corporation finance division, said even a second letter sent Oct . 30 by the SEC's enforcement division didn't ring alarm bells with him.
  2. Before that speech, the SEC's division of corporation finance had supported four companies that refused to allow their shareholders to vote on similar proposals from TIAA-CREF . Those companies were Adobe Systems, Cadence Design Systems, Autodesk and Synopsys.
  3. Corporation Finance Division Director Alan Beller, however, couldn't say with certainty whether the rules, which greatly expand the number of material items that companies must be disclosed in a short time, will be enacted this year or not.
  4. Rep . Jim Kolbe, R-Ariz ., said he intended to convince President Bush and others in the administration and Congress that it would be a mistake to trim the program, which helps corporations finance sale of their products overseas.
  5. In November 1998, the SEC's chief accountant, Lynn Turner, told an accounting industry group that the agency's division of corporation finance had formed an earnings-management task force to coordinate and focus the SEC's filing reviews on abusive reporting practices.
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