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  1. He also served as Associate Director of the Division of Corporation Finance of the U . S . Securities and Exchange Commission ( SEC ).
  2. Robert Bayless, chief accountant in the SEC's division of corporation finance, says his agency is " monitoring the disclosures companies are making of this nature ."
  3. Between Nov . 3 and Nov . 24, companies filed 36 initial offerings and raised $ 1.19 billion, according to the SEC's division of corporation finance.
  4. "It is clear that investors are demanding this information on a more timely basis, " said Alan L . Beller, the SEC's director of corporation finance.
  5. The aquarium, which is expected to open by 2005 and will be run by a nonprofit corporation financed by Marcus, is a bit of a departure.
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  7. Although the operation will be called the Office of Global Security Risk, it will be under the SEC's corporation finance division, which reviews corporate financial reports.
  8. Professionals in the field of securities compliance reporting will need to be aware of other rules and regulations as noted at the Division of Corporation Finance.
  9. "' Corporation Finance "'is the division that oversees the disclosure made by public companies, as well as the registration of transactions, such as mergers, made by companies.
  10. Feng Xiao Ming is a reporter for Radio Free Asia, an independent corporation financed by the U . S . government whose unwelcome truth China tries to jam.
  11. The main advantage of the current system is that " every computer in America can use ASCII, " says Brian Lane, director of the agency's corporation finance division.
  12. But Alan L . Beller, director of the agency's division on corporation finance, said he expected the commission might propose requiring electronic filing sooner than the congressional deadline.
  13. Between Nov . 3 and Nov . 24, companies filed 36 initial offerings and raised $ 1 . 19 billion, according to the SEC's division of corporation finance.
  14. "Management interests in too many cases have become misaligned with investor interests, " said Alan Beller, the director of the corporation finance division at the Securities and Exchange Commission.
  15. G . Philip Rutledge, director of the division of corporation finance for Pennsylvania, examined all the equity offerings filed with the SEC between July 1, 1994, and June 30, 1995.
  16. The SEC asked staff in its Division of Corporation Finance to submit proposals by July 15 after consulting with pension funds, shareholder advocate groups, corporate officials and other interested parties.
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