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  • Noun: contour line
    1. A line drawn on a map connecting points of equal height
      - contour

    Derived forms: contour lines

    Type of: isometric, isometric line

    Encyclopedia: Contour line

  • [Architecture]

    A line on a map or drawing representing points of equal elevation on the ground.

    contour lines

  • [Defence]
    (*) A line on a map or chart connecting points of equal elevation.


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  1. such contour lines can be drawn for any structural surface, regular or irregular(e. g. bedding planes, faults, unconformities, dykes, veins or intrusions).
  2. contour lines recognition from scanned topographic maps
  3. calculation of coal hill volume by using contour line method
  4. a preliminary analysis on the contour line to enter into wto
  5. on the use of pictures in contour lines in primary school teaching

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