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  1. After the game Anand concisely said : " I came closer today ."
  2. State the facts clearly, concisely, and coldly.
  3. :Perhaps more concisely, affection and love have conotations of conscious thought.
  4. The main points are concisely summarized on 4 pages.
  5. Various models for which sufficient data have been collected have been concisely reviewed.
  6. It's difficult to find concisely in a sentence.
  7. :: You haven't concisely demonstrated anything.
  8. Excellent piece of work, clearly and concisely written.
  9. Luhmann himself once said concisely that he was " not interested in people ".
  10. Finally someone has answered it clearly and concisely.
  11. The trick specialized to can be summarized concisely.
  12. More concisely, nationalism better defined these countries.
  13. :Preciseaccuracy, please try to write concisely.
  14. :: : That's fine, but could you communicate more concisely?
  15. :Can you ever write concisely, Mark?
  16. The checklist, too, concisely encapsulates factors to consider regarding national and organisational culture.
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