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  1. "Lactuca serriola " is known as the compass plant because in the Sun the upper leaves twist round to hold their margins upright.
  2. The researchers, whose study appears in The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, studied gall wasps in prairie dock and another Silphium species, the compass plant.
  3. These hills support remnants of Missouri's native prairie, including Indian grass, big bluestem, blazing star, compass plant, yucca, beard-tongue, and skeleton plant.
  4. It is also called the "'compass plant "', since the flowers appear first on the south side of the cushion . ( Various other plants also have this name .)
  5. So when a male emerges from a compass plant, it has to find other compass plant stems on the ground if it hopes to find any females soon . ( The males only have a week or two to live so time is of the essence .)

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