compass bowl meaning

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  • [Engineering]
    That part of a compass in which the compass card is mounted.


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  1. In his final college game, he was the MVP of the 2014 BBVA Compass Bowl after recording five receptions for 143 yards and two touchdowns.
  2. After Wannstedt's resignation in December 2010, he announced on January 3, 2011 that he was declining to coach in the BBVA Compass Bowl.
  3. This was the first BBVA Compass Bowl for both Vanderbilt and Houston, as well as the first time the schools had played each other in football.
  4. SMU went on to win back-to-back bowl games in the 2012 BBVA Compass Bowl ( for the 2011 season ) and 2012 Hawaii Bowl.
  5. For steel vessels much more was required and this was a period of great development, both in the compass bowl and the binnacle in which it was housed.

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