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  1. By comparison, Word 5.1 required only 6 million.
  2. The rest of the day's contests paled by comparison.
  3. No longer will he suffer from unflattering comparisons to Joe Montana.
  4. But some analysts insist that a comparison cannot be totally dismissed.
  5. For comparison, a second group received plasma from uninfected individuals.
  6. It's difficult to find comparison in a sentence.
  7. In comparison, Japanese-owned companies employed 9, 300.
  8. That would be insignificant to me in comparison to winning that.
  9. But there's no comparison to Tech in the frontcourt.
  10. By comparison the NASA budget is $ 14 billion this year.
  11. The rate for the smallest model is quoted for comparison purposes.
  12. In America, by comparison, they average only 4 percent.
  13. You lose the ability to make comparisons from year to year.
  14. Here are some capsule comparisons of these up-and-comers
  15. Following is a comparison of some of the candidates'positions:
  16. When commissions are involved, though, comparisons get knocked askew.
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