comparision in a sentence

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  1. I thought that the point about the Kimberleys was interesting for comparision's sake, or if the reader was interested about other reefs in Australia.
  2. His project has been compared to " The Truman Show " and " Ed TV, " but the guy himself rejects the comparision.
  3. Probably the closest FAs to this subject for comparision are Asser and Gregory of Nazianzus, who both are close in time frame and both are religious figures.
  4. The first is that the history of the RKO is poorly researched until now, especially in comparision to other topics as the General Government and its administration.
  5. That said, Berlusconis dealings with the Italian legal system and media are harmless in comparision . talk ) 19 : 56, 31 October 2014 ( UTC)
  6. It's difficult to find comparision in a sentence.
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