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  1. St . Louis'Tony La Russa, by comparision, has used 119.
  2. Would a comparision to certain American soldiers torturing prisoners in Abu Graib strain your tolerance?
  3. :: : For a comparision of a notable sermon, see Lord's Prayer.
  4. Hob Gadlings comparision of a nerdy Washington lobbyist with Trofim Lysenko is far from being appropriate.
  5. In Brazil by comparision, the concession program is based, as in Argentina, on exisiting roads.
  6. It's difficult to find comparision in a sentence.
  7. Mandela said there was no comparision between his democratically elected government and the minority rule of the past.
  8. But Canada is larger; what did Canada do differently due to which it pales in comparision with America.
  9. It also sets up an obvious comparision between Bowe and Tyson if Tyson is not equally as damaging to Mathis.
  10. Before our earnings are satisfactory on an international comparision, further tough decisions still have to be taken in 1996,
  11. Both the film and digital version will be shown to media at the event so a comparision can be made.
  12. I used to think that the prominence of America in comparision to other developed nations is due to its size.
  13. I came to wikipedia searching for a comparision between the two technologies, and have found this article very helpful.
  14. :: I think Esperanto might be interesting, although I can't see the comparision to German, myself.
  15. About your examples : to begin with, using comparision is not really a way to argue around the topic successfully.
  16. Here was a musical image _ buoyant, richly hued, smartly articulated _ that stood fair comparision with the Meridian's.
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