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  1. The issue seems to be the conflict between having Black people be about Black culture ( compare things like Deaf culture where both Black and Deaf are spelt with an uppercase letter ), or whether Black people should be a summary-style article about the different'black'peoples.
  2. :: : : : : : Uh . . . OK . None of this tells me this article wouldn't be better titled without the " comparison of . " Comparing things vs . documenting differences isn't a huge difference, and this is mostly a question of easy fixes rather than outright deletion.
  3. :: : : Ultimately, I asked this question because comparing things like the IQ of same-sex adoptees with heterosexual adoptees should be both straightforward in principle and also the most objective way of assessing same-sex adoption, and I'm thus bewildered that such a study has not yet been done . talk ) 01 : 55, 21 May 2014 ( UTC)
  4. It's difficult to find comparing things in a sentence.
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