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  1. Unless there is a legal-obligation involved in comparison-you can compare things like this in anyway that feels appropriate.
  2. "If you're comparing things to last year, it's a pretty dramatic difference because it was an extraordinary year, " he said.
  3. It is largely an empty debate over the definition of the tradition with those questioning whether comparing things counts as comparative research.
  4. It is not the job of an encyclopedia to compare things, but to give the facts about each and let others compare.
  5. Compring Wikipedia with POkemi is not only comparing apples with oranges, it's comparing things that are not in the slightest bit related whatsoever.
  6. It's difficult to find comparing things in a sentence.
  7. When we use adjectives, we compare things of same category & thus automatically put other members to a lower level than this one.
  8. "You really couldn't find it except in an occasional little computer box where you could analyze songs and compare things to other things.
  9. It's not uncommon to hear Minaya compare things to the way they are in his hometown, be it media pressure, payroll or fan base.
  10. The Also sometimes compare things unfairly like comparing two different states with vastly different populations or climates without actually mentioning that when given their information.
  11. "I look at things like, and I'm not a big stat guy, but I compare things with what we did last year and this year offensively and defensively.
  12. There are a number of editors around who have a bit missing emotionally just the same as some people are completely innumerate and unable to compare things rationally and training can't help all that much.
  13. ,and the same applies to SSP . Unless you actually have an account you'd like us to compare things to, we have no way of magically pulling another account or IP address out of thin air.
  14. Wikipedia has many comparison pages ( e . g . of software programs that perform a specific task ) that often only point out basic objective facts about the compared things that turn out to be relatively minor.
  15. "People compare things they don't know to things they do know, " says " Felicity " creator J . J . Abrams, who also wrote the feature film " Armageddon " ( the two could not be more dissimilar ).
  16. *The proper contrasting term is an " ancestral trait " . " Primitive " doesn't work when you compare things like acquired flightlessness . " Basal " applies more to clades than traits . talk ) 00 : 32, 13 January 2014 ( UTC)
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