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  1. Scattered Castles is hosted as Community of Interest ( COI ) on the Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System ( JWICS ).
  2. Interxion expects the high-value and reduced-cost benefits of communities of interest to continue to attract new customers.
  3. Regional council areas are based on water catchment areas, whereas territorial authorities are based on community of interest and road access.
  4. Randolph appealed directly to yeomen, using entertaining and enlightening oratory, sociability, and community of interest, particularly in agriculture.
  5. An emphasis on the idea that all Americans share a community of interest will be a powerful force in rebuilding the Democratic coalition.
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  7. Although such acts often are motivated by self-interest, they often create benefits for the overall community of interests as well.
  8. As the online world converges with the cable medium, channels will be more than merely the places where communities of interest congregate.
  9. Prominent features of these services included communities which went by various names; Special Interest Groups, Communities of Interest and so on.
  10. Nor are there tangible communities of interest spanning the District's hundreds of miles that can be called upon to rescue the plan.
  11. But in the 1980s, the cable industry began redefining television channels and fragmenting the mass medium into competitive and individualized communities of interest.
  12. The charter directs the commission as much as possible to keep communities of interest together, said Paul Girard, a city legislative analyst.
  13. But Cornyn's plan puts her in an Anglo, Republican district because another interpretation of the law _ maintaining communities of interest.
  14. His regime is being maintained by a community of interests composed of the new rich and their allies in the government . . ..
  15. Building crystal radios was a contests allow these set owners to compete with each other and form a community of interest in the subject.
  16. They could decide if an area formed a " community of interest " with the town and should be included within the borough boundaries.
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