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  1. The measure failed voter approval chiefly due to voter concerns that communities of interest would be broken up.
  2. X . 509v3 can contain other extensions depending on the community of interest other than international domain names.
  3. A very strong community of interest was identified through the region's links and dependencies to Brisbane.
  4. It did not consider amalgamation with the neighbouring Townsville / Thuringowa region due to disparate communities of interest.
  5. A community of Interest and Subculture do not include the wide range of people that a scene can include.
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  7. This metrocentric mindset ensured that two quite distinct communities of interest were being pressured into a doomed arranged marriage.
  8. The first FPA Community of Interest was FPA NexGen, a community for young planners under the age 36.
  9. Virginia was divided into planning districts based on the community of interest among its counties, cities and towns.
  10. The state and the Justice Department had argued that the area represented a community of interests and was geographically compact.
  11. Their communities of interest, churches, friends and hunting buddies lived in Oklahoma City, not Lawton, not Tulsa.
  12. In other words, " a community of interest is a gathering of people assembled around a topic of common interest.
  13. The Commission argued that the only way to maintain a community of interest was to leave the boundaries as they were.
  14. It is a community of interest within the traditional lands of the Ngaanyatjarra people of the Central Desert of Western Australia.
  15. Both councils opposed the amalgamation, although the City Council concluded it was inevitable due to a shared community of interest.
  16. To facilitate adoption, UCore looks to Communities of Interest, or knowledge domains, to encourage adoption of common vocabularies.
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