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  1. What companies like Freeserve really is to build communities of interest,
  2. Virtual space may soon provide the setting for new communities of interest.
  3. I consider this different from Communities of interest and Subcultures.
  4. They are likely each to attract substantial communities of interest to Wikipedia.
  5. Today, these nations are at peace and increasingly share a community of interests.
  6. It's difficult to find communities of interests in a sentence.
  7. Communities of interest are particularly important to customers in each of these market segments.
  8. Contracts are also issued for non-commercial community of interest and local community stations.
  9. They look like they have the advertising and they have certainly created a community of interest,
  10. Licenses were issued in 1995 to eleven community and community of interest groups across the country.
  11. The scheme is intended to serve many communities of interest with very diverse roles and responsibilities.
  12. We're trying to create a thriving community of interest, and the Internet does that.
  13. That vision has been continually interpreted and defined by the growing global community of interest described below.
  14. Having recognized a valuable community of interests, the CIG continued to meet to address other issues.
  15. Many ensembles have a particular focus on specific geographic, demographic, or ethnic communities of interest.
  16. Nor can the State's districting legislation be rescued by mere recitation of purported communities of interest.
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