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  1. Others are confined to the Employees Commissary and sold at discounted prices.
  2. He still holds court each day in the Universal commissary.
  3. Another shell hit the embassy's commissary building across the street.
  4. Houston's commissary became known as the " Houston spur ".
  5. As a consequence, the commissary was briefly shut down.
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  7. All that remain today are the military cemetery and one commissary building.
  8. Champion served as commissary general of provisions for army pensioners in 1832.
  9. Hangar 3 holds Dash 8 maintenance as well as the commissary department.
  10. It also includes a hospitality center, museum, and food commissary.
  11. Salazar arrived in March 1864, bearing the title of Royal Commissary.
  12. Others griped at not being given forks or knives in the commissary.
  13. Wing-Time sauces can also be found in the military commissaries.
  14. By 2000, the commissaries were becoming little more than distribution centers.
  15. The new Base CommissaryA new Base Commissary was opened in April 1984.
  16. The following spring saw him in Canada again, as Provincial Commissary.
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