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  1. He also served as a commissary and deputy commissary of issues.
  2. He also served as a commissary and deputy commissary of issues.
  3. During the war, the building was used as a commissary.
  4. Now they are given credit for purchases at the commissary.
  5. Famous Amos advertised cookies to be sold in prison commissaries.
  6. It's difficult to find commissaries in a sentence.
  7. Another improvement would be requiring the use of commissaries, others suggested.
  8. They just can't buy them at base commissaries or exchanges.
  9. He had seen his father routinely cheated at the commissary.
  10. These are items they get very readily at the commissary.
  11. On Level I, you are not allowed earphones or commissary privileges.
  12. Statistics on commissary sales of nonfood items are hard to come by.
  13. Linda tracked Bob down at the commissary at Whiteman Air Force Base.
  14. Inside the camp, Rod Mitchell runs the contract commissary.
  15. He and Edwards had bumped into each other outside the Universal commissary.
  16. "They get commissary privileges, " he went on.
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