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  • 委托人
  • commissary:    n. 1.代表,委员;【宗教】代理主 ...
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  1. The commissary of police , as he traversed the ante - chamber , made a sign to two gendarmes , who placed themselves one on dant s right and the other on his left
  2. An officer was placing two soldiers at the door of each drawing - room , and was advancing towards danglars , preceded by a commissary of police , girded with his scarf
  3. " it was and the feast that began so gayly had a very sorrowful ending ; a police commissary , followed by four soldiers , entered , and dant s was arrested .
    “是呀,那次喜宴刚开始是那么令人高兴,但结果却是极其令人悲伤:一位警长,带着四个拿枪的走进来,唐太斯就被捕了。 ”
  4. These considerations naturally gave villefort a feeling of such complete felicity that his mind was fairly dazzled in its contemplation . at the door he met the commissary of police , who was waiting for him
  5. I spent the remainder of my time in the commissary that day listening to a man tell the story of how important his wife was to him ? and how she took care of their children while he fought for our country

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